Quilt Diary: February Goals

I have been pondering since Friday what I would like to get done this month.  I have quite a few things on my quarter one list and definitely need to work on them.  So I pulled out the list to see what would be my focus of something that has been out there for a long time.

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Quilt Diary: Finishalong 2019 Quarter One Goals

It is time to set goals for the next three months with #FAL2019.  My host is Capitola Quilter.

I have about 30 Works in Process and it was hard to narrow it down.  Last year I would list 9 and then end up working on something not on my list.  So typical me! Or start something new.  I thought it wasn’t working so I didn’t participate 3rd or 4th quarter.  Guess what?  I finished even less.  New strategy for 2019.  List an even dozen of projects that catch my eye to finish.  Of course I will be working on random things that aren’t targeted to be finished until later quarters but I figured what could it hurt?  I got out my Quilter’s Planner.  Made my list.

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Quilt Diary: Quarter 2 Progress

1. Caitlin portrait: I am still having challenges with removing the film the teacher gave us. Supposed to be able to “iron” off. I have done alot of research on the internet. Since I don’t know the exact branch the teacher gave us, I have had zero luck with that. So I started tearing it out. It really sucks and is going to take awhile. I almost want to just … quit. But I reminded myself, it is one time and one time only. I will never use heat film again.

2. Abstract City Scape: I haven’t done anything with this project.

3. Candy Rail: Does admiring the top count?

4. Charity Quilt: I have worked on this some but am having issues with my frame and the machine running smoothly. I have not tackled the problem. I still feel this can get done. I just need to focus. No progress to speak of though. (Unless you count the cat laying on it while on the frame. )

5. NYE 2010: Zero progress. I located it, but haven’t even determined what I have and don’t have.

6. Rainbow Log Cabin: Zilch 🙁

7. Rainbow Over and Under (knot quilt): I haven’t worked on it but I think I will pull that out this week.

8. Sweet Baby Rag Quilt: DONE! DONE!

9. #365 block challenge: Now this is where I have spent most of my time this quarter. I was zooming along until I got to mitered blocks. Everything came to a screeching halt. I have set it aside about 2 weeks ago when I got to a technique that really challenges me. After several tries, I decided I just needed to set it aside.


So what have I been working on because I am still sewing almost every day – just not on my quarter goals.

1. Quilter’s Planner Sew Along: I am extremely happy to report that I am current on this sew along. It is the first one where I have stayed on top of it. I have finished April & May in both colorways. June Sunflower block is done for the Classic layout. I have all the months cut out and just waiting to be sewen together for this one. The jewel colorway is cut for June – October. I am on target baby!

2. Rosie’s Peacock Quilt: I pulled together the fabrics earlier this year and planned the basics. I am using Moda’s Rosie Receipe cards with Peacock Colorstory layer cake and a nice gold tan background. I am very pleased how this is looking. I have been making notes on different ideas on how to lay this out. Current thought is to lay it out from lightest block to darkest diagonally across the quilt.

3. Sunflower Charm Squared Quilt: I pulled this one out today and squared up the blocks and divided into light & dark. I have decided to alternate based on sashing light/dark/light/dark with a 6 x 7 layout. I have saved all the leftovers from the jelly roll to make a piano border. I added it to my quilt notebook today with ideas for layouts and quilting as well. I forgot that I had bought several yards of different fabrics from this line because I fell in love with this line. This is the same fabric I used for one of the colorways in the Quilters Planner Sew Along.

4. Andrew’s 3 color quilt: My daughter asked me to make her boyfriend a quilt with his three favorite colors – red, green, yellow. I bought fabric. Have brain stormed ideas of a block to make. Have I written those down – nope. So I have already forgotten all my great ideas. LOL!


I am happy to report that the house is progressing nicely. Before July, I hope to have my sewing room restored. The floors are in. The walls are patched. Just need the walls painted then I can get my stuff out of storage.

I want to get this posted before heading off to bed.

Happy quilting!


Quilt Diary: May One Monthly Goal

Hello Fellow Quilters:

Hard to believe we are in May already. The year is flying by. I have been debating for the last couple of days what I wanted my goal to be for May. So many projects to pick from for this quarter. I finally settled on doing a little catch up on 365 Block Challenge 2018 hosted by Kathryn Kerr. I am a wee bit behind and want to really focus on striding forward on this great project. Making 3 1/2 blocks have been a lot of fun! This is also my first 100% solid quilt. Next question I had to ask myself was what my target would be. Since I am only on February 11th, I wanted a reachable stretch goal. So I settled on finishing blocks through April 15th. That is a little over 60 blocks in the next 25 days.

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Quilt Diary: On the Road

This has been a crazy April so far. Big quilting plans with a lot of interruptions. Spent Friday – Wednesday packing my kitchen and garage in preparation for the restoration back in Nov when a leaking pipe flooded my house. After arriving in Indiana this afternoon, I got a call that the HVAC guy discovered another leak. So all work has halted until it can be fixed by the plumber. He can’t come until Tuesday!!! All of my appliances are gone out of the kitchen in preparation for the cabinet guy to come and scoop out all the old cabinets to make way for the new. Master bath getting a facelift also this week and next week. Chaos reigns!

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Quilt Diary: #2018FAL Quarter 2 Goals

Well it is time to set some new goals to aim high. Of course, I will try and be more realistic, but I am an eternal optimist. In my opinion, this is a good trait overall. Just sometimes I disappoint myself and have to do a selfcheck. Enough philsophy. More quilting! I am linking up with Capitola Quilter and the 2018 FinishALong. Just click on the button below to go to her website!

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Quilt Diary: 365 Block Challenge 2018

Hello Fellow Adventurers:

Last week while doing the #igquiltfest photo challenge, an interesting prompt came up that I realized I had no such thing – Solids only quilt. I have never done a quilt out of all solids. Obviously I use solids a lot just like most quilters. I have done solid read fabric quilts such as batiks, tone on tone,  or blenders. When I decided to do this 365 Block Challenge in all solids, it really simplified everything! It will be so easy to add fabrics as needed.  No matching required.  I chose blue-green as my main color. The challenge is dark dark to very light. I decided to use black as my dark dark. I am happy with that choice. It looks great. You also have a background very light (white for me) and light (silver/gray) for me. I am so happy with these choices. I think the quilt will look so cool!

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