Quilt Diary: Hockey, Hockey, When do I get to Quilt?

I wrote a post last week, but Starbucks Google lost it somewhere in the dark web.  Maybe some day it will reappear but I am just moving on baby.

It is once again Hockey Wednesday (after Hockey Monday, Hockey Tuesday….)  It is off season but I feel like I have less sewing time then during season.  I am guessing because during season I am prepared and plan better.  Of course, attending 3 out of 4 home playoff games each round takes a lot of time too.  I am not going to Game 7 of Round 2 because my grandson Shaun does have practice today.  We are taping it but I don’t want to watch if we lose.  That is just not fun.

Sewing Updates

Alison Glass Trinket FPP Sew-A-Long

I totally fell off the wagon here.  I haven’t posted to Instagram in forever.  I only have the Life blocks #4, #5, #8, #9, and #10 to make.  I do have my #3 made put have not posted because I have taking photos yet.  While this sew-a-long has not been bad at all, Foundation Paper Piecing doesn’t really float my boat.  Good news, I am no longer intimidated by FPP.  Combine the fact that I am not an avid FPPer with I am only okay with my Alison Glass Kaleidoscope fabric, pushing through is a big effort.  With a total of 10 blocks left to make, I will finish.  Then putting together as a checkerboard layout.  I was not real clear if the May 20th deadline is just the top or a completed quilt.  I am assuming quilt top.  I was thinking I would piece together the leftover Kaleidoscope fabric to make the back.  If there is anything left after that….  We will see.  Side Note: the month of May is FPP challenge with #sbbsewfor15

Life Blocks #3, #4, #6, #7

Kathyrn Kerr’s 365 block quilt challenge

I have made some progress but not that we are on 6 inch blocks and they are complicated with lots of pieces, it is taking a wee bit longer than the smaller 3 inch blocks.   I managed to cut out this past weekend two more blocks, I just haven’t had a lot of sewing time.  It is also time to layout the 3 inch blocks into the first dark border.  I need time and space for that.  Maybe this weekend.  I am amazed out how my skills have improved with this challenge.

April 23rd – April 26th – Light 6 inch blocks

Pieced May Table Runner

My fabric I ordered to finish up the table runner came.  I am looking forward to finishing this table runner up.  It is so cute and since I did in teal and coral it will look fantastic in my kitchen.  I downloaded the June today and it will be fun to do that one too.

Nine Patch layout for pieced table runner

Farmers Wife 1920 EPP Sew-A-Long

I finally finished block 22 Corn & Beans.  It is a cute white and orange block made with Alison Glass fabrics.  Last night I cut and prepped block 23 and did the fabric pull for block 24.  I am officially posting on Instagram and Facebook these blocks today.  I wonder how many years it will end up taking me to make this quilt. Haha!  I am loving colors and fabric!

Finished blocks 20, 21, & 22 and the beginning of block 23

Monthly Wooly Mug Rugs – June Strawberry

I am almost done with this one.  I set it as my #onethingwithAmy for this week.  I had saved the hardest embroidery stitch for last – bullion knot.  It looks great but it is a tricky stitch.  It is perfect but unless you have a magnifying glass I don’t think you will notice my booboos too much.  Finished up the edge with a blanket stitch to attach the front and back together and making a nice finish. Believe it or not this is my first finish for second quarter.  My original list is here.  I will be linking this up with Finish-A-Long 2nd Quarter at Capitola Quilter.

Bullion Knot closeup


On the sewing table

Not much going on right now.  On my sewing table is my charity quilt that still needs to be quilted, my 2010 NYE quilt that is waiting for some free motion quilting, and my Halifax temperature quilt.  I didn’t work on any of these this past two weeks but they are still out.

On the sewing table

Well off to watch the Sharks!

Adventure Hard… Then go home and quilt all about it.  -@burlapandblossompatterns

Peggy Stockwell

Quilt Diary: February One Monthly Goal finish – City Scape Wall Quilt

City Scape Mini Wall Quilt Finish!

With one week left I have already finished the linkup with Elm Street One Monthly Goal for February.  This has to be a first.  I’m usually waiting until the last minute to finish up.  It feels good to have this old PIQF class project done.  It was a fun project. Continue reading “Quilt Diary: February One Monthly Goal finish – City Scape Wall Quilt”

Quilt Diary: Bunny Wooly Mug Rugs finish!

I have my first February finish!  I finished up my bunny wooly mug rugs.  We are all set for Easter.  I am linking this up with the first Quarter of the 2019 Finishalong. My original list of goals can be found HERE.

Continue reading “Quilt Diary: Bunny Wooly Mug Rugs finish!”

Quilt Diary: Christmas Table Glitz done!

Tutorial on making place mats

It was exciting to finish up my Christmas place mats, napkins, and table runner this past weekend.  I am trying to use up all my left over Christmas fabric so I have started some hot pads with mini dresdens on (#tinydresdenparty2019)  They were fun to do but more challenging then the typical dresden being about half the size.  I have included a link to Quilty Obsessions website where the directions and template for the mini dresden can be found.  Enjoy.

Making the Place Mats Continue reading “Quilt Diary: Christmas Table Glitz done!”