About Me

My family has been quilting and traveling for generations.  Where to start….

My great great grandmother was a quilter from Calgary, Alberta, Canada.  My grandmother Ruby Crittenden met my grandfather Walter Adamsen.  They married and moved to Havre, Montana.  Growing up I spent quite a bit of time with my grandmother petting her fabrics and wishing I could make the beautiful quilts that she made.  She went through many phases including a Log Cabin phase.  One of my fondest memories is attending the Paducah  quilt show with my grandmother and taking a class with her.  I was a beginner sewer as well as quilter.  The only sewing I had really done was via home economics in school.  I remember we took a Trip Around the World class (that project is in a box somewhere) and walked the show floor.  I remember the moment when my grandmother realized that her quilts were as good or better than most of the quilts being shown.  From that time forward, she began entering her quilts in shows in Montana.  I was thrilled to get a hand pieced and quilted grandmother garden quilt from her a few years later.  It was (and still is) fascinating to really study the quilt.  There is definitely scraps used for all thoses hexies and she used multiple colors of thread to quilt it.  I am pretty sure it was made with cardboard templates.  Rotary cutting was just starting as a fad.   As a family, we used to receive a box from grandmother every Christmas.  We were always excited to see what she had made us.  I have no idea how she worked and managed to make all seven children, twenty plus grandchildren, and numerous great-grandchildren a quilt or quilted item every Christmas.  An amazing woman that I am still trying to live up to.

Personally I love to applique as well as piece quilts.  I machine quilt my own quilts.  I do not prewash or starch my fabric.  I love precuts.  I only own two regular sewing machines, two embroidery/quilting machines, and two quilting-only machines (one mid & one long).  My grandson has his own sewing machines as does my granddaughter.

Today I live and work in San Jose, California.  In my spare time I  quilt and travel.  I have had some great adventures doing both.  As of yet, I haven’t got to keep one quilt I have made.  They have gone to someone in my circle of family, friends, charity or co-workers.  Some day, I will have a quilt that I made, but at least I have all the ones my grandmother made me.

In 2017, I traveled quite extensively for work, for me, and for my grandson’s hockey.  Some places I have visited over the years are New Zealand, Australia, London, Brussels, Amsterdam, Canada, England, Scotland, Wales and have hit 34 out of 50 states to date.

2018 was a light travel year with visiting family in New York and Philadelphia and a few short vacations to Cabo San Lucas and Hawaii.

In 2019 we have already visited Niagra Falls Ontario Canada, Salt Lake City UT, and San Diego CA.

As for family, I have a son Steven (31) who has two children, Shaun (11) and Grace (7), and a daughter Caitlin (24).  Steven and his kids live in San Jose while Caitlin is getting her Masters in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.  We have two cats, Russell and Cali (short for California Girl).  I have one brother Scott, who lives in Brooklyn with his wife Victoria, and three sisters.  My sister Cheryl lives with her family in North Wales, PA (outside of Philadelphia).  My sister Dorothy lives with her family in Modesto, CA and my sister Teresa lives in Bakersfield, CA.  We stretch from coast to coast and present many opportunities for travel.