Quilt Diary: Finishalong 2019 Quarter 2 Goals

Quarterly Goals

Once again it is time to put together the list of possible finishes in the upcoming 2nd quarter of 2019. I will be linking up with #FAL2019.  My host is Capitola Quilter.

I have a lot of UFOs from last quarter to bring forward. Let’s get started!

  1.  Hexagon Charity Quilt.  This darn project is still hanging around.  I set it for my April one monthly goal.  I NEED to get this off my list.  The guilt is killing me! I also added this one to my @sunflowerquilting #ssqfinishalong2019round2 goals.

    Dot to Dot quilting on the Hexagon Charity Quilt
  2. 2010 New Year Eve’s Quilt.  Another one that has been hanging around.  I did actually work on it last quarter so the guilt isn’t so high.  Just have to finish the free motion and binding. I also added this one to my @sunflowerquilting #ssqfinishalong2019round2 goals.

    Stitching in the ditch on the 2010 NYE Quilt
  3. 2018 Quilters Planner Sew-a-long Classic Beauty BOM.  Still need to assemble, baste, quilt and bind.

    2018 Quilter’s Planner BOM Sew-A-Long – June
  4. Shabby Fabric’s Sunflower A-Door-naments wall hanging.  I still only have to quilt this one and it is done.  I think I will skip the metallic thread and save the thread for another day and project.

    Shabby Fabric’s August A-Door-N-Aments – Sunflowers
  5. Shabby Fabric’s Apple A-Door-naments wall hanging.  I just need to baste, turn, and quilt.

    Shabby Fabric’s September A-Door-N-Aments – Apples
  6. Sunflower Star potholders.
  7. Blue Pinwheel potholders.  I finished one out of the 3 last quarter.  Just need to layer, baste, quilt, and bind.

    Knot potholders, Sunflower Ohio Star potholders, & Blue pinwheels potholders
  8. Autumn wall hanging.  A little work done last quarter.  I finished fusing all the shapes on the pieced background.  Need to applique, baste, quilt, bind.img_1469
  9. Apple Blooming Vase wall hanging.  I have absolutely fallen in love with this series.  The itch is strong to drop everything and work on this one.  The apple one only had the background pieced.  I need to fuse, applique, layer, baste, quilt, and bind this one.

    Shabby Fabric’s Blooming Series – September – Apples
  10. Pansies Blooming Series has arrived and I have just got to do this one.  So I am adding it to the list for this quarter.

    Shabby Fabrics Blooming Series – May Pansies
  11. Alison Glass Trinket Quilt.  Started the Sew-A-Long in March and we are supposed to have the entire quilt completed by May 20th. I am adding it to the list.  I also added this one to my @sunflowerquilting #ssqfinishalong2019round2 goals.

    Some of my blue trinket blocks from Lines & Shapes weeks
  12. Shabby Fabric’s Mug Rug – Strawberries.  I just need to finish whip stitching the shapes down, do the hand embroidery, layer, finish.

    Shabby Fabric June Wooly Mug Rug – Strawberries
  13. Shabby Fabric’s Mug Rug – Sunflowers.  Need to start this one.  Once I do, I will be halfway through the series.

    Shabby Fabric’s Wooly Mug Rug – August Sunflower
  14. Easy Pieced Table Runner for May by Shabby Fabric’s.  I watched the You Tube video a couple of days ago and decided I NEED to make this table runner for my kitchen island.  I haven’t decided if I am going with all the purples, but I have downloaded and printed the pattern.

    Free download on new series Easy Pieced Table Runner for May

Quarter Two: Work in Process

  1.  Peacock Colorstory Miss Rosie Blocks.  My goal is to finish 8 more blocks this quarter.  I did get them done last quarter 😉

    Peacock Colorstory used with Miss Rosie’s Receipe Cards
  2. 365 Block Challenge blocks.  I am current for 2019! I still struggle with mitered blocks but am getting better every time.  My goal is to be current on June 30th still!

    April 7th Corner Stone for Center Medallion
  3. Halifax Temperature Quilt.  I did finish through August 2018 last quarter as planned.  I need to cut some more triangles because I find making these little blocks as feeder of other blocks the easiest way I get these done.  My goal is to finish September, October, November, and December 2018 this quarter.
    Halifax Batik Temperature HST Quilt 2017-2019


  4. Quilter’s Planner 2019 Block of the Month Sew-A-Long.  I am on target!  I meet last month’s goals.  This quarter is to continue being current so that would mean finishing the April, May, and June blocks each month.

    The Quilter’s Planner 2019 Block of the Month Sew-Along: Jan-Feb-Mar
  5. Farmer’s Wife 1920 English Paper Piecing Sew-A-Long with Gnome Angel in Australia.  I finished 8 blocks last quarter instead of my 9.  Close.  I am setting a goal for 9 blocks this quarter.  I am working on Block 20 – Churn Dash this week.  I have been pleased with my progress.

    Block 20 – Churn Dash cut & basted – ready to go
  6. Tula Pink Charm Squared blocks.  I started these quilt blocks on a whim but still need to finish them before I lose all the pieces.

    Tula Pink Charms squared blocks

As always, I have hundreds of other projects I could finish, work on, etc.  I will stick with these 20 projects.  Good Luck everyone.  The idea is to set a goal and work towards it.  If you make progress, it is a win!



Quilt Diary: April One Monthly Goal

Linkup with Elm Streets one monthly goal and current project update


Last month I set a very big goal to finish my NYE quilt started in 2010.  I did work on it but got derailed when I started the Alison Glass #trinketsal in March.  With working on two different daily sewalongs, I do not see me having enough bandwidth to reset that as my April goal.  So I am going to set that aside and work on my Charity Hexagon Quilt which has also been on my list for a couple of years and I have worked on it.  I do not like my thread choice so totally derailed.

BUT no matter what I am going to finish up free motion quilting this one as well as finishing the binding.  It takes up space on my list and my mind.  With a few hours of focus, I could probably make a lot of headway.  So….finishing this quilt is my April one monthly goal.  I am linking up with Elm Street Quilts.

NYE Quilt basted
New Year Eve 2010 quilt



I am actually making a lot of progress and current on this project.  I have no idea how long that will last.  Some of these blocks are so hard  They are 3″ and 6″.  Of course they look great.  This week we are working on the borders and corner stones for the Center Medallion.  I have already finished all 4 borders and two of the corner stones.  They are amazing looking but freaking hard.  Mitred corners continue to be my biggest challenge.  Sometimes the directions are not very clear or detailed enough.  Who am I to complain about a free sampler quilt pattern?  They are being posted on instagram under several different hashtags.  #365blockchallenge #365blockchallenge2019 #365quiltchallenge #365quiltchallenge2019  There may be more but those are the ones that I have found.  A lady is doing a red & purple one that is gorgeous and a gentlemen is doing orange, yellow, green.   It is awesome looking too.  Of course, there are many more but they have been consistently posting.  Below are a few of my recent blocks.

365 Challenge March & April blocks


Once again, this is going very well.  I am trying to stick to the 15 minutes a day with this one.  It really helps with the momentum.  I had also been very good about always having one in the bag ready to begin. Oops!  Last night I finished my last one.  Today will be cutting the three who I already prepped my strips for cutting the pieces.  Here are the last two I completed – Block 18 Century of Progress & Block 19 Checkerboard.  The next few blocks are the edge of two different color groups and I have the edge blocks containing both colors.  The backing fabric arrived last week so when I get freed up, I will start quilting as I go on this one.  This sew-along is sponsored by @gnomeangel

Block 18 – Century of Progress
Block 19 – Checkerboard


We are halfway through the trinket sew-along.  This is sponsored by Alison Glass and is one of her patterns.  If you are interested, you can purchase the pdf off her website and get started.  I happened to have purchased this quilt kit a year ago but never started.  It feels like a win-win for me.  This is a foundation paper piecing quilt.  I have never done one before and sure have made many mistakes, but am pleased with my process.  I have to laugh because theoretically all my points should be matching, but they don’t.  Here are a few of my blocks I have finished up.

Some of my blue trinket blocks from Lines & Shapes weeks


Here is the other sew-along I am participating in.  This one is monthly so it is not so bad.  It has been fairly easy to keep up with after doing these daily ones.  This is the first 3 months of blocks.

The Quilter’s Planner 2019 Block of the Month Sew-Along: Jan-Feb-Mar

Other projects on the table

I have sewn a couple of the blocks for my Halifax temperature quilt but can’t honestly say I have made very much progress.  All of the above is sucking up my time.  But I have them by the sewing machine as they make nice blocks to do between blocks.  Need to cut some more orange triangles.

Halifax, Nova Scotia – August 2018

My mug rugs are still moving along.  I haven’t finished the strawberry one.  I almost made it my one monthly goal because I got stalled out on this one but decided it was important to finish the hexagon quilt.  The strawberry is for June so I am way way ahead.  I finished July last summer because I was so excited about the watermelon.  I was looking at what is left to do and realized I will be jumping to August which is a Sunflower!  I am so excited to do that one.  When I finish the strawberry I will be halfway through this mug rug of the month.

Mug Rugs: Feb-Hearts, Mar-4Leaf Clover, Apr-Bunny, May-Flower, Jun-Strawberry, Jul-Watermelon

The other project up for consideration as the one monthly goal was my August Adoornament which is a sunflower.  (Did I mention I love sunflowers, pumpkins, and hummingbirds?)  If either of these are hanging out by the time we get to May (and assuming I finish my hexagon), they may be next just to get that little extra push.

Pinwheel potholders and Sunflower A-Door-nament to be completed

Well that is is for now.  The sun is shining, taxes are waiting, and my sewing machine is calling my name.

Adventure Hard….Then go home and quilt all about it!

Peggy Stockwell

Quilt Diary: Update on Sew-A-Longs

It is Hockey Wednesday and I find myself at my favorite blogging place – Starbucks!  I’ve been on a good roll blogging the past few weeks so I certainly don’t want to break that trend.  So I have been sitting here for the past 30 minutes flipping through my pics to see what I have done this week.  Since last weekend was hockey weekend not much sewing and quilting really got done.  Although, I am not disappointed in my progress.  I spent most of the weekend working on my sewalongs and my March one monthly goal. Continue reading “Quilt Diary: Update on Sew-A-Longs”

Quilt Diary: NYE Quilt – March OMG

February I picked something different than one of my other goal setting blogs I am participating in with the hope that multiple projects will get done.  Haha!  Not so much but I am getting the hang of setting realistic goals and slowly working on my very old WIPs.  Progress can’t be sneezed at. Continue reading “Quilt Diary: NYE Quilt – March OMG”

Quilt Diary: February One Monthly Goal finish – City Scape Wall Quilt

City Scape Mini Wall Quilt Finish!

With one week left I have already finished the linkup with Elm Street One Monthly Goal for February.  This has to be a first.  I’m usually waiting until the last minute to finish up.  It feels good to have this old PIQF class project done.  It was a fun project. Continue reading “Quilt Diary: February One Monthly Goal finish – City Scape Wall Quilt”

Quilt Diary: February Goals

I have been pondering since Friday what I would like to get done this month.  I have quite a few things on my quarter one list and definitely need to work on them.  So I pulled out the list to see what would be my focus of something that has been out there for a long time.

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Quilt Diary: Christmas Table Glitz done!

Tutorial on making place mats

It was exciting to finish up my Christmas place mats, napkins, and table runner this past weekend.  I am trying to use up all my left over Christmas fabric so I have started some hot pads with mini dresdens on (#tinydresdenparty2019)  They were fun to do but more challenging then the typical dresden being about half the size.  I have included a link to Quilty Obsessions website where the directions and template for the mini dresden can be found.  Enjoy.

Making the Place Mats Continue reading “Quilt Diary: Christmas Table Glitz done!”

Quilt Diary: Fall Update

It’s been a while with life taking over my free time.


I started the 1920 Farmer’s Wife English Paper Piecing Sew-A-Long in August with at Gnome Angel and that has been both challenging and fun.  I decided to use Alison Glass fabrics in a color wash layout.  I have spent hours on the coloring of my layout as I progress. Continue reading “Quilt Diary: Fall Update”

Quilt Diary: July One Monthly Goal finish

Day 25 is here already in the #100days100blocks2018 challenge. As usual lots of traveling happening during the month, but I managed to keep up despite it all. I really wasn’t sure I would remember to post every day while on the road. But I did!

Continue reading “Quilt Diary: July One Monthly Goal finish”

Quilt Diary: Aug One Monthly Goal

With my sewing room restored (at least its contents on premise), I am off and running again.  Meanwhile, I joined a new BOM with Shabby Fabrics called A-door-nament.  August is the first month and it uses metallic thread.  I got through the fusible piece and the piecing easy peazy.  I seem to be frozen in with indecision when it comes to top stitching.  I have decided to go with their metallic thread.  Metallic thread is a new area.  This project has been sitting in this status on my sewing table for two weeks now.

Continue reading “Quilt Diary: Aug One Monthly Goal”