Travel Diary: Aloha from Kiehi, Maui, Hawaii

Took a quick trip to Maui for my birthday weekend to see the beaches and relax.  We are staying in condos run by Sunny Maui Condos and they are clean and the people are very nice.  This is a perfect little setup with a 1 bedroom for me and my grandson.

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Travel Diary: Phoenix: Hockey & 5k

Hello Adventurers:

Recently traveled to Phoenix, Arizona so I thought I would give you my take on that fair city.

For President’s Day Weekend, I took Shaun, my grandson, to a hockey tournament in the Phoenix area.  We stayed at the Hilton Garden Inn in Tempe.  It was nice enough.  The rooms were clean and the staff was friendly.  They handled a gaggle of 10-year-old boys quite well. Continue reading “Travel Diary: Phoenix: Hockey & 5k”

Travel Diary: Montreal Dec 2017 (part 3)

Hi Adventurers!

Today we took the train to the Olympic Park. It is still nippy out there -4F/-20C right now at 6pm. Luckily there are a few indoor choices at the Olympic Park so we decided on the Biodome and Planterium. It only took us 3-4 hours to do both plus a 50 minute train ride each way from Snowden, that ended up being Continue reading “Travel Diary: Montreal Dec 2017 (part 3)”

Travel Diary: Montreal Dec 2017 (part 2)

Hi Adventurers!

We had a relaxing day today here in Montreal. Of course we hit up our local Starbucks for a caffeine hit. In the afternoon, we decided to hit up another rock climbing gym called Zero Gravite located about a 15 minute walk from the Mont Royal train stop. I can’t believe I am Continue reading “Travel Diary: Montreal Dec 2017 (part 2)”