Quilting Diary: February Monthly Goal

Sadly my fellow adventurers I did not finish my January goal. I was so very close. I definitely was thinking way to big. I managed to add borders, piece the back, baste, and quilt the borders and part of the blocks, but didn’t get finished as I hoped. So for February, it will be finishing my brother’s quilt. I need to finish quilting, labelling, and binding. That will be my February Goal www.elmstreetquilts.com at February One Monthly Goal http://www.elmstreetquilts.com/2018/02/one-monthly-goal-february-goal-setting.html .I have toyed with different names for this quilt, but so far nothing feels right. I keep referring to it as the two step quilt or Scott’s quilt. But that is not a good name for a quilt. The batiks are jewel tone but I can’t seem to find anything that seems to fit.

It is a short month and I have a bit of travel as well as work that has to get done but I will continue working on my quarterly goals which are HUGE. So secretly, I hope to finish my potholders, finish my knot blocks, as well as the other things on my list. LOL! I started working on my sunflower quilt instead of my peacock quilt this quarter. Typical me. Can’t stay on track.

Yesterday found me sewing a few sunflower blocks, sewing one set of potholders which need to be whip stitched now, ironing binding, and hours of quilting my brother’s quilt. I tried my hand at quilting my brother’s name and his wife’s name in the quilt. Wonder how long until he finds it. My grandson saw it, but it was right in front of him as I just had finished. That was fun. This is only my second quilt on my Babylock Cornet. Everything was going great until I had to change the bobbin. Since then, I have had nothing but thread breaks. Tension is no longer looking right either. Just not up to figuring out what is wrong. So I will save for another day when I am not so tired.

Today was hockey in San Francisco, then off to work. Just made it home and looked at the long arm and decided today would not be the day. Swung by the fabric store to buy some fabric for the baby quilt I have to finish by May. The green I picked up today is too limey but I can use it on the back. I was going to search the internet for the line of fabric when I decided to catch up on my quilt diaries here.

My new Quilters Planner is very helpful and keeping projects in front of me (even when I bury them in my sewing room). Want to sew a little before its dinner time. Have a great weekend everyone.


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