Quilt Diary: Running out of Time

Hello Adventurers!

Just an update on my progress so far this week.  Monday was a rough day at work so I bought some unhealthy food to eat on the drive home and headed straight to my sewing room.  I needed to decompress.

Sunday night I cut myself some “block kits” for the knot quilt blocks, so I just started laying out and sewing those blocks.  It was very soothing to just sew.  After putting together those four blocks into one big block (ironing every step of the way), I was ready to iron my brother’s quilt Two Jewels Steppin’ Out (trying out that as a name).  I rotated the quilt around and finished up the ironing of the basted quilt.  He is all ready to be quilted.

While ironing, I was really having some great ideas for the two borders.  The outer border is a batik turtle and I am definitely going with the water look.  I have two different ideas for the inner border and knowing me, I will decide when it is time to actually quilt it.  Still have to figure out the corners of each border.  I will practice on my iPad until I find something I like.

Monday night I also started sewing my Sunflower charms and strips into blocks.  I just couldn’t help myself.  The fabric is a real joy to handle and is very cheerful.  This one I will probably keep but I don’t have to decide now.  Who knows if I will even finish in 2018!

Tuesday saw the arrival of my fabric that I actually order for the Quilters Planner Sew Along #qpsewalong. Although I already made my block with the sunflower fabric, I will now make it with my intended fabric.  I was just so impatient waiting for my fabric to arrive.  I really thing it is going to be a fun quilt along.  I will start sketching out and coloring the blocks to see how I like them.  Since I have 3 basic colors plus the black background, I am thinking I will radiate the colors out from the middle.  Exciting!

Got to go color and doodle now as well as dream about all the possibilities of quilting my brother’s quilt.

Until next time,