Quilt Diary: Catching Up

Hello Adventurers:

It has been a while since I posted so we have some catching up to do.


Last weekend I was able to finish the back to my brother’s quilt. I still have to name that quilt and I am leaning towards Two-Step Jewels. Anyone else have ideas please feel free to leave ideas. Back to progress on the quilt. I finished piecing the back. It was a lot of work but it is amazing. This particular way of piecing the back has it’s place but don’t think it will be my go to. It works great for baby quilts. I am guessing I will be messing with the concept over time until I find something that I love. I really do enjoy pieced backs. To be honest, I thought my stash of batik fat quarters was still in the house. I didn’t realize that the emergency packout people packed them so I ended up going to Beverly’s to buy some yardage to do this stash buster back because I used the backing in another project (lol!). This weekend I got it basted. I just need to iron it to smooth out any wrinkles. I am a spray baster.

I hate using pins because then I am forced to quilt from the middle out and I don’t like doing that. Over the years I have learned some neat tricks for the spray basting. I prefer to spray outside but if the weather doesn’t allow, then I use a spare bedroom with the window open. The key is to spray the fabric, not the batting. I heard Leah Day saying she uses a can or more so she doesn’t spray baste. All I got to say is that is way too much. One can baste two or three quilts with one can of basting spray. It should be lightly sprayed. Let it sit for at least 5 minutes before adhering to other fabric. Another time I think I will write a blog just on spray basting. There is definitely some tricks and tips.

I have sketched out some ideas on way to quilt the blocks. I am going to try a couple on the leftover blocks I am making potholders with. I will do one more densely quilted and one not so densely quilted. I have mixed feelings about quilting densely. I really prefer my bed quilts to be soft. The more quilting, the less soft they are. I also have seen quite a few tutorials on different border patterns so I still have to decide. My hope is to test those out today or this week. I have to decide before next weekend when I have to finish quilting the quilt in order to meet my January #onemonthlygoal with Elm Street Quilts . That will leave me the last days of January to finish the binding. It is fun to participate in these online communities but also a wee bit stressful. Keep your fingers crossed that I can do this. I know my brother will love it when he finally gets it. Maybe I will have to do a special trip just to give it to him. I haven’t seen him in forever!


My other January goals was to work on my Over the Rainbow (or Knot quilt as I call it) but I haven’t put together one block yet. Getting a little itchy there.

I am participating in Leah Day’s 2018 QAL. She is going too fast on the Rainbow Log Cabin so I am deciding if I will use my own Rainblow Log Cabin (with a 16patch center) or just delay working on it. She is also doing a second quilt along learning different walking foot quilting. I already decided that instead of making a whole quilt, I would practice the techniques on potholders and placemats. I quilted the backs of one set of my potholders back with “straight line quilting” last weekend. I need to do her next two lessons. I can’t stress about not keeping up, so I am saving them into a special playlist as I get to them. I have two sets ready to stitch. These are in my 2018 Finish A Long Quarter 1 goals so I have time.

I have picked out all the fabric for my Peacock quilt. So check that off for January. I originally was thinking I would do a two block design, but now I am thinking only one block. Just need to decide before I start making the blocks which is in February.

I picked out the fabric and design for the next baby quilt for a co-worker. Since this will be her second quilt from me, I have decided to do a rag quilt and I happen to have a flannel layer cake. I am only short 7 squares for the front and I need to get some fabric for the back. “Material Acquistion” is in my future! This is a quarter 2 project, so it will percolate in my brain between now and then.

I received my sunflower material from MSQC and am so in love with it. It is so beautiful and soft. I keep petting the material. I will definitely take note of the manufacturer. I love the feel. I had this as a quarter 3 project but I haven’t been able to let it go. I am so drawn to the fabric. I bought a jelly roll, charm pack, 1 & 2 yard cuts of various fabrics. I probably have enough for at least 2 if not 3 quilts. Well…. I decided to use the yardage for the Quilter’s Planner BOM Quilt A Long (after I ordered fabric for this) just because I couldn’t help myself. I made the first block using this fabric. Not as much contrast as I was hoping, but I love it. While sewing the block, I itched to use the strips and charms in a pattern that I have made before. I forgot the name of the pattern (it was MSQC pattern). I will have to look it up. Basically you frame each charm with the 2 1/2″ strips. Last time I used the leftovers to make an awesome piano border. I love this lap quilt. But as I mentioned, I probably have enough fabric I could possibly expand it to a bed quilt. I don’t know how well I will resist waiting…. I just love this fabric.

Recap: #1 goal – Scott’s 2 step quilt I am on target and making progress. #2 goal quilt pixel of Caitlin – haven’t started. #3 goal – pick fabrics and design for Peacock Color quilt DONE! #4 goal – Finish knot blocks – failed 🙁


I purchased the Quilter’s Planner after much debate with myself this past couple of months. It arrived this week. They have done a great job with a daily photo challenge on instagram to help you actually utilize the planner. Since it is a $50 investment, it is very nice to have the challenge happening. I missed the first two weeks of the challenge but decided to go back to each one and do it anyway to help me get the most out of my planner. I started with Day 17 and realized I could be a bit more artistic with my photos instead of just getting it done. We will see. So far I am loving this. At work I do a weekly focus of everything I need to do. This planner is allowing me to do this on a personal level. I even have a meal planner book that came just for a few bucks more. My favorite part is the Projects section. One place to see all my projects in one place and where I am on each one. If I want I can put in a deadline. Some planning pages which isn’t bad for the beginning of ideas but I am currently using my iPad Pro for that and have a nice little system going. The reference section is also great! Plenty of places to doodle and practice my free motion doodling. Tons of graph paper to sketch out ideas. Just love how it is opening my creativity. The quotes throughout the book are very inspiring as well. Oh! Let’s not forget the coloring pages and stickers. Who doesn’t like those?!

Until later,