2018 FAL Q1 Goals

I found another link up on instagram called 2018 Finish-A-Long #2018FAL. You can link up at several different blogs and this one is quarter goals. There are a number of global hosts and one of them happens to be right here in the bay area – www.capitolaquilter.blogspot.com

Earlier this month I put down my 2018 goals but I missed out on that linkup as it was already closed. I also already posted and linked up my one monthly goal for January. So this post is for 2018 Quarter 1.

Quilt Tops to finish & quilt:

1. Two Step Quilt (Jan OMG)

2. Candy Fence Rail

3. NYE 2010 Quilt

Small projects to finish:

4. PIQF Pixel wall quilt of Caitlin

5. PIQF abstract city landscape wall quilt

6. quilt one baby charity quilt picked up from local guild

7. Set of 4 napkins to go with placemats below

Blocks to finish:

8. PIQF knot blocks call over and under the rainbow

New Quilts to plan & start:

9. Peacock 2 block quilt

(Q1 finish top)


10. Leah Day 2018 walking foot quilt a long Log Cabin (leahday.com)

Leah Day 2018 walking foot samplers but instead of using blocks for quilt

11 & 12. 2 seperate sets of potholders

13. Placemats

I don’t have pictures of all my projects like a lot of the ladies at this time. Next quarter I will do a better job. I really appreciate the community out there who are so encouraging. Hopefully I can figure out how they made a collage next quarter. I think that is very cool.


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    1. P.S. Marci – If you’d like a “challenge” to supplement this that has its linky open all the time for convenience, see if 18 in 2018 at What a Hoot Quilts is helpful.

  1. Wow so many great projects, but that abstract city wall hanging is jaw dropping! You can totally finish up a few of these this quarter! Thanks for linking up on behalf of the 2018 FAL global hosts!

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