Quilt Diary: Goal #7 finished

The rules for the finishalong has changed. We have to have a blog per completed goal. So this is a quick post regarding my Over and Under Rainbow (otherwise known as Knot Block). Original Goals are atQuilt Diary: #2018FAL Quarter 2 Goals .  If you are interested in #2018finishalong, you can find information at Capitola Quilter’s website.

Since I am doing this post, I thought I would add a few more thoughts about this project. This was a PIQF class from 2017 and I really loved the class. I love the outcome too. This quilt has two borders. One finishes off the knot to give a more complete look and the second is just the background to have it “float”.

I have looked at the pieces and attempted to make a Accuquilt die with these chisel shapes and square as I am not known for my accuracy. I subscribe to the close enough is good enough at this stage in my quilting career. I am not entering my quilts in a show or anything like that and the recipients are usually not overly critical.

With that thought in mind, I am considering a quilt with just 3 colors. If my vision is correct, I will have one color as background and only two different colored knots. I am thinking it will be fantastic and eager to begin this brainchild.

Here are few more pics for your viewing pleasure.