Quilt Diary: #2018FAL Qtr 2 Finish

How quickly the quarter has flown.  So I thought I would give everyone an update as to how Quarter 2 finished out.  Progress was made and 3 goals were met. Original goals were posted at Quilt Diary: #2018FAL Quarter 2 Goals

  1.  Caitlin abstract portrait: Bind *no progress* I am still struggling with removing the “heat” film from this project.  I am going to take this one off my list as it seems like it will be a long process.
  2. Abstract City Scape: Quilted *no progress* I pulled it out but didn’t do any quilting this quarter at all.  🙁
  3. Candy Rail: Basted & Quilted *no progress* Still upstairs awaiting my attention. I do love this quilt. It is one of my all time favorites.
  4. Charity Quilt: Quilted *not done*. Happy to report that I have made some progress.  Just got discouraged working on it on a long arm frame.  This particular layout is not conducive to that type of quilting. A week ago I pulled it off the frame because this one really needs to be done on a sitdown machine.  Once I get my sitdown setup, I don’t anticipate finishing this quilt as challenging.
  5. NYE 2010 Quilt: Borders & Basted *not done*. Half done.  I spent a weekend figuring out and adding the borders.  Pleased with how it has turned out.  Just didn’t finish the basting process for the quarter.
  6. Rainbow Log Cabin:  Assembled & Backing *DONE*. WooHoo.  Goal meet! This quilt has a 16-patch as the center square. See original goals for an overview of the blocks. I was very pleased with finding this beautiful 108 batik backing. I think it will complement the whole quilt very nicely.
  7. Over and Under Rainbow (or Knot Quilt): Blocks Assembled and Borders added *DONE*. I love how this quilt finished up.  It was a pieced border to continue the knot theme.  I can’t wait to get a backing, baste, and quilt this gorgeous quilt!
  8. Sweet Baby Flannel Rag Quilt:  Cut/Assemble/Quilt *DONE*. To learn more about this quilt go to Quilt Diary: April One Monthly Goal Finish The expectant mom was thrilled with this beautiful baby quilt.  The fabric and the pattern were a lot of fun! Here it is in use. What every quilter loves to see!
  9. 365 Block Challenge: Finished thru June 30th *not done*. This is one of my personal disappointments.  I am loving the challenge but have run into my own personal mental block – mitered corners.  I put this aside after several attempts and no luck with this technique.  It’s been a few weeks, so I am over my frustration and ready to tackle this again.  You can read my prior posts on this challenge at Quilt Diary: May Progress

I will be linking up with #2018finishalong with Karen – Capitola Quilter FAL Q2 Finish

I am off to Hollywood for the weekend. Enjoy!