Quilt Diary: On the Road

This has been a crazy April so far. Big quilting plans with a lot of interruptions. Spent Friday – Wednesday packing my kitchen and garage in preparation for the restoration back in Nov when a leaking pipe flooded my house. After arriving in Indiana this afternoon, I got a call that the HVAC guy discovered another leak. So all work has halted until it can be fixed by the plumber. He can’t come until Tuesday!!! All of my appliances are gone out of the kitchen in preparation for the cabinet guy to come and scoop out all the old cabinets to make way for the new. Master bath getting a facelift also this week and next week. Chaos reigns!

What does this craziness have to do with quilting? All the manual labor that I had to put into getting the first floor prepped for the restoration prevented me from quilting. Although the General Contractor caught me working on my Baby Rag Quilt instead of packing (a girls got to relieve stress some how)!

I did finish cutting all my rag squares on my accuquilt before we hopped on a plane this morning. When I get home on Monday, I just need to quilt the squares. I am planning on throwing in a few practice squares with my walking foot quilt a long with Leah Day. Not all, but some so it not just X quilting. While I am here in Indiana, I will pick out a few to do. I was thinking the pinstripe for sure. That was so cute. I will see what I come up with. It will be fun. Of course, thinking about this (and ripping a pair of jeans over the weekend) made me think that doing a rag quilt with jeans may be in my future…..

I had finished prepping 10 blocks for the 365 block challenge thinking I would finish them up LAST week. I only got four done 🙁 This remodel is really messing with my plans. Good news. I won’t have to do anything else for a few weeks; that is when the floors will go in. Next weekend no travel, no hockey so I should be able to get a lot more done!

I have to finish this baby quilt by the night of the 26th as the baby shower is Friday the 27th. It can be done. It will be done.

Have a great evening adventurers!


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  1. Holy moly! That’s some craziness there! I can’t wait to see the rag quilt! Not sure I know what Leah Day is, but you got this!! Baby quilt will get done!!

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