Quilt Diary: Watermelon Mug Rugs! done in Utah

Just an update on my projects I worked on this past weekend while in Salt Lake for my grandson Shaun’s hockey tournament.  Most of the weekend was spent watching hockey but we did manage to go to Utah’s Natural History Museum.  I so forgot how 11 year olds zoom through at light speed.  Where I would have dwaddle for several hours, we were done in two hours.

But now for the update on my projects:

  1.  Watermelon Wooly Mug Rugs: I finally finished my Watermelon Wooly Mug Rugs designed by Shabby Fabrics that I started in July.  They have been so close and it felt real good to finally finish off binding them with a blanket stitch. See above for a picture. This was one of my Q1 Finish-A-Long Goals .  Linking up with #2019FAL with Capitola Quilter.
  2. Bunny Wooly Mug Rugs: I worked on my bunny wooly mug rugs designed by Shabby Fabrics as well.  I completed my whip stitch and embroidery for all the applique pieces.  The only things left to do for this set of mug rugs is to fuse the front and back together and binding them with a blanket stitch.  So close……  Hopefully I will finish those up this weekend and post a picture then.
  3. Gnome Angels Farmers Wife: While we were at the hockey tournament in Utah, I was able to complete my block #11:Broken Dishes of the Farmers Wife English Paper Piecing Sewalong (#FW1920EPPSAL for short).  It felt really good.  When I set up the photo shoot, I realized I never took a picture of block #10:Bowtie.  I started my new block #12:Broken Sugar Bowl.  See layout below.  I still need to cut and paste two more blocks.  As I have worked on these, I have discovered the blocks that I did cut the 3/8″ instead of 1/4″ gave me more fabric to glue, therefore they were faster to sew.  I really can see the advantage of 3/8 templates.  I kinda wish I had bought those templates for this quilt.  Good news is most of the shapes I can easily use my add a 3/8 ruler to do what I want.  I can still use the templates to cut for Foundation Paper Piecing or traditional piecing since I did by the 1/4″ templates.  When I cut my next two blocks, it will pay dividends to go slower and be more careful about keeping the glue on the edges and not on the edge of the paper.  I seem to be doing a decent job wrapping the fabric tightly on the paper template so all is good there.  Each of my blocks have matched up well!

I’m looking forward to finally being home and doing some more regular sewing, but on the other hand being on the road has forced my hand (haha!) with my hand sewing.  I am finally in a groove.  I hope to post the finish of my bunny mug rugs and the finished Christmas runner and napkins this weekend.  I have to laugh though.  Shaun caught me ordering fabric to make a snowy set of placemats, table runner, and napkins for January (which is obviously almost over) and pink & red ones for February.  He asked if I was shopping.  I sheepishly said yes.

Happy Quilting


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  1. I love them all! The whole Shabby wool ones are absolutely adorable!! 😍 I’m glad you have found a comfortable groove. It sure helps when you are on a mission to finish projects and creates a sense of peace, not chaos! 🤣

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