Quilt Diary: March OMG Done!


My goal for March was to finish quilting Caitlin’s pixel portrait.

Finished quilting my pixel portrait from 2011 PIQF! Can’t believe I finished the quilting just in a nick of time. Now just need to finish the blog, get it posted and linked up and we will finally have success. I seemed to always be challenged with the linkup so we shall see. Linking up with Elm Street March One Monthly Goal.

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Quilt Diary: 365 Block Challenge 2018

Hello Fellow Adventurers:

Last week while doing the #igquiltfest photo challenge, an interesting prompt came up that I realized I had no such thing – Solids only quilt. I have never done a quilt out of all solids. Obviously I use solids a lot just like most quilters. I have done solid read fabric quilts such as batiks, tone on tone,  or blenders. When I decided to do this 365 Block Challenge in all solids, it really simplified everything! It will be so easy to add fabrics as needed.  No matching required.  I chose blue-green as my main color. The challenge is dark dark to very light. I decided to use black as my dark dark. I am happy with that choice. It looks great. You also have a background very light (white for me) and light (silver/gray) for me. I am so happy with these choices. I think the quilt will look so cool!

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Quilt Diary: March 12 Update on quarter goals


The weekend went semi how I hoped.  I did get a lot of hockey in.  Way more than I anticipated which cut into my quilt time.  But I was able to update my Quilt-A-Long and Sew-A-Long list and feel like I know what I need to do and even get semi caught up.   Continue reading “Quilt Diary: March 12 Update on quarter goals”

Travel Diary: Phoenix: Hockey & 5k

Hello Adventurers:

Recently traveled to Phoenix, Arizona so I thought I would give you my take on that fair city.

For President’s Day Weekend, I took Shaun, my grandson, to a hockey tournament in the Phoenix area.  We stayed at the Hilton Garden Inn in Tempe.  It was nice enough.  The rooms were clean and the staff was friendly.  They handled a gaggle of 10-year-old boys quite well. Continue reading “Travel Diary: Phoenix: Hockey & 5k”

Quilt Diary: March One Monthly Goal

March is upon us Adventurers!

Time to pick a new goal for the month. I have to laugh because this is the last month of the quarter and I had a long list for my 2018 FinishALong. So I plenty of things to choose from since I have only finished two things on that very ambitious list. So let’s see what should I pick? I have dwelled on this for the last two days and finally made a decision on what I want most to finish. Continue reading “Quilt Diary: March One Monthly Goal”