Quilt Diary: March One Monthly Goal

March is upon us Adventurers!

Time to pick a new goal for the month. I have to laugh because this is the last month of the quarter and I had a long list for my 2018 FinishALong. So I plenty of things to choose from since I have only finished two things on that very ambitious list. So let’s see what should I pick? I have dwelled on this for the last two days and finally made a decision on what I want most to finish.

My March #onemonthlygoal will be to finish quilting the pixel picture of my daughter Caitlin. It was a PIQF class project several years back and has been laying in my sewing room for a very long time to finish. Caitlin has never even seen it. What do I need to do to finish this? Of course, I have misplaced the class instructions. Lucky for me I finished putting together the top. I just need to add a back and do some quilting. It is small enough I should be able to find something in my stash to finish this one up. Tiny quilting is definitely called for in this case. I vaguely remember the teacher suggesting that we divide the project into light, medium, and dark areas and using “matching” thread.

At this point finished is better than be buried in my sewing room even if it isn’t as good as I may want. I think this will be a great way of pushing through my fear and hohum about this project. #quiltingadventures

That is it! One month goal will be to finish my Caitlin Pixel Portrait in March!

So glad we had this little talk. You were so encouraging. Currently I am winging off to Phoenix again so no quilting this Friday night.

I did squeeze in some cutting for my Over and Under the Rainbow quilt, affectionately known as knot quilt. That is coming along quite nicely. I decided that this block would be a great block to get a custom die from Accuquilt for. There is a lot (and I mean a lot) of cutting. I will put that on the to do list to look into.

Until next Quilting Adventurers!


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