Quilt Diary: March OMG Done!


My goal for March was to finish quilting Caitlin’s pixel portrait.

Finished quilting my pixel portrait from 2011 PIQF! Can’t believe I finished the quilting just in a nick of time. Now just need to finish the blog, get it posted and linked up and we will finally have success. I seemed to always be challenged with the linkup so we shall see. Linking up with Elm Street March One Monthly Goal.

My friend Mary Elizabeth is hoping to find the instructions from class. I know I don’t have them as they are in storage with the majority of my sewing room. Very annoying. Supposed to have started on the downstairs remodel, but General Contractor hasn’t done anything yet. #sigh

Back to sewing. Thinking we will bind in black and keep it simple. But first I need to remember how to remove the film that kept all those little pieces of fabric from coming up. If I do this again, I think I will use tulle to keep the pieces down instead. We did that in another class a few years ago. No removal necessary.

Alright. Wrapping this up so I can post it before I jump in finishing my knot blocks and a few other projects for the first quarter of the 2018 Finish A Long tonight. #go

Until tomorrow!


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