Quilt Diary: January One Monthly Goal progress

Hello Adventurers:

Today I finished the top of the Two Step Quilt which brings me one step closer to my goal which is finishing this quilt for my brother in January. Sewed the outer 6 inch border on today. It seems so plain. I’m not changing it now though. I finished cutting the pieces for my backing and started sewing the rows together. It looking pretty good but I have already made a mistake with laying out the color. I figured it would end up just adding character to the backing. It has been a long day. I haven’t gotten to work on my quilting in a while until this weekend. Guess its been long enough that my poor back is aching from leaning over the cutting table and sewing machine for two days. I feel like I made a lot of progress this weekend. Just a lot left to do. Finished piecing one-third of the back. I have already started thinking about the quilting I will do on the top. I took a picture of the block to think about what I will do with that. I also need to start thinking about the border quilting. I really like to figure out what I want to do with the block before the block. I have some interesting components to work with such as a four inch square in every block. This will be fun to figure out. Since I have an iPad Pro it is easy to doodle on. I love the ability to doodle on a picture of my block with the apple pencil. It is awesome.

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