Quilt Diary: 2018 FAL First Quarter Ended

Hello Everyone!It is hard to believe it has already been three months. I have to laugh as the eternal optomist, I really thought I could make a bigger dent in my wish list. Looking back, I realize the list itself was not a problem, just what I thought I would be able to do with each project. I am a multiple project person. I love working on multiple things at once. It is …. more exciting and fun!I am happy to say that my number one project was to finish my 2Step Quilt which ended up being named Two BeJeweled. DONE BABY! There was a lot to do for that quilt which took a wee bit more time then planned. I pieced the back, layered, basted, quilted, binded, and mailed. Took a month longer than anticipated but it is done!I finished both sets of potholders! Another project that I anticipated to fly by and not take multiple weeks. DONE BABY!I was able to finish all my knot blocks as planned! DONE BABY!I had on my list to plan a new quilt that I refer to as the peacock quilt. It was fun planning it out. I had expected to have the top done but not accomplished.I got my Caitlin portrait quilted but not finished. I now have the perplexing problem of figuring out how to get the stablizer removed. I lost the directions. I feel like it is a heat stablizer so just got to figure it out.I got the charity quilt on the frame but not finished. But it is progress!The other 6 projects, I didn’t even do anything. There is always next quarter. This time I will try and be a wee bit more realistic!I am linking up with Capitola Quilter and the 2018 FinishALong.Peggy

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  1. Wow, you did a lot of things this quarter! You should be proud of yourself!! Like always a beautiful job with everything you touch Peggy! Per talent!!!

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