Quilt Diary: April One Monthly Goal Finish

April is winding up and so I thought I would give an update on my one monthly goal which was the Baby Rag Quilt. FINISHED!!! I am so excited to finish. I had hoped to do some different techniques on the squares, just ran out of time.

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Quilt Diary: On the Road

This has been a crazy April so far. Big quilting plans with a lot of interruptions. Spent Friday – Wednesday packing my kitchen and garage in preparation for the restoration back in Nov when a leaking pipe flooded my house. After arriving in Indiana this afternoon, I got a call that the HVAC guy discovered another leak. So all work has halted until it can be fixed by the plumber. He can’t come until Tuesday!!! All of my appliances are gone out of the kitchen in preparation for the cabinet guy to come and scoop out all the old cabinets to make way for the new. Master bath getting a facelift also this week and next week. Chaos reigns!

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Quilt Diary: #2018FAL Quarter 2 Goals

Well it is time to set some new goals to aim high. Of course, I will try and be more realistic, but I am an eternal optimist. In my opinion, this is a good trait overall. Just sometimes I disappoint myself and have to do a selfcheck. Enough philsophy. More quilting! I am linking up with Capitola Quilter and the 2018 FinishALong. Just click on the button below to go to her website!

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Quilt Diary: 2018 FAL First Quarter Ended

Hello Everyone!It is hard to believe it has already been three months. I have to laugh as the eternal optomist, I really thought I could make a bigger dent in my wish list. Looking back, I realize the list itself was not a problem, just what I thought I would be able to do with each project. I am a multiple project person. I love working on multiple things at once. It is …. more exciting and fun! Continue reading “Quilt Diary: 2018 FAL First Quarter Ended”

Quilt Diary: April OMG

It is that time to set my April one monthly goal with Elm Street Quilts.  It is to cut, piece, and quilt a baby rag quilt for my co-worker who will be going out on maternity leave 6 weeks early.  No time to mess around she is leaving before the end of April.  Luckily, I have been playing around with it since January so have already decided on the pattern (for the front) and bought the fabric.  I still have to figure out the back before cutting it.  this will be the hard part.

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