Quilt Diary: Two Step Quilt

Hi Adventurers:

As I mentioned in my earlier quilt post this month, my goal is to finish a quilt I made using a jelly roll and Jenny Doan’s (MSQC) two step block. I liked the block and pulled out a jelly roll to make it with no intentions other than to try out the block. My daughter Caitlin passed onto me that my brother was hoping I would make him a quilt too. In 2017, I made my sister Continue reading “Quilt Diary: Two Step Quilt”

Quilt Diary: 2018 Goals

I have joined in Elm Street Quilts #onemonthlygoal for January. While posting on Instagram, I saw the new designers and one of them is quilting Jet girl who has a #2018PlanningParty. Unfortunately, I missed her cut off for 2018 goals as it ended December 31st. So I decided to post those goals here. My #onemonthlygoal is to finish my brother Scott’s Continue reading “Quilt Diary: 2018 Goals”

Frayed Gecko Quilt

The quilt I am going to share with you is a baby quilt for one of the young couples who work for me. Trina has in the past house and cat sat for me. She has been in our lives for a long time. But honestly, all the guys and gals who work in the corporate office who have had babies have received a baby quilt from me. Continue reading “Frayed Gecko Quilt”